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Purchasing a home using your VA HOUSING BENEFIT that you earned?   No Down Payment needed! 
Our Mission of the past 35 years is to provide the VA Housing Benefit to ALL Veterans in  the States of Ohio, Indiana and Michigan so that they can Buy a home for themselves and their family. This is a lifetime benefit that can be used over and over by a Veteran.  It is probably one of the best benefits that you have earned from your time in the Military, but is seldom used.   It is a no money down homeloan...there is no loan better for you to buy a home, otherwise it wouldn't be a benefit.   Get your DD214, last two yrs W-2s, recent financials, and a paystub or income proof and call me, Jeff Vance at 1-800-785-7731 or email me at   We are authorized to print your Certificate of Eligibility here in most cases.   Let's get you Home....   USE Your Benefit-You earned it.  I can get you pre qualified over the phone in as little as 10 minutes.

I have helped over 30,000 Veterans so far.  I am just a phone call away from helping you.

Looking to refinance?
If you're considering refinancing your current mortgage VA or otherwise, the VA Benefit allows for this also, up to 100% of value. If you have a current VA mortgage and rates are lower than what you have or you are consolidating, the VA has a program for that.  If you have a VA loan now, the VA Rate Reduction Refinance is a great benefit to use.   Call me and I can go over this benefit with you. We listen to your specific needs then present the best VA mortgage options for you in real-time. Your needs can change, so can your mortgage loan. Let us help.   1-800-785-7731